Cerebral Palsy and Birth Injury Lawsuits

How Does This Injury Happen?

As a birth injury, this happens either before, during or shortly after the birth. The child suffers brain damage for one reason or another, and it leads to scrambled signals between the brain and the muscles. Sometimes people have thought of this as a muscular disease, but in fact, it begins in the brain where the person’s brain has miscommunications with the muscles. This leads to problems with the muscles working properly.

Some of the potential reasons that someone might experience an injury includes:

  • Prolapsed umbilical cord
  • Excessive bilirubin in the body
  • Long and difficult labor
  • Oxygen deprivation that leads to brain damage
  • Maternal infections

In particular, when the damage happens to the brain’s cerebellum, this has a negative impact on the motor functioning part of the brain. The length of time that the child endured this injury will usually determine how serious it is.

Could You Have Prevented the Injury?

One of the biggest questions that arise is whether or not you could have prevented the injury. If you could have prevented the injury, you might be able to file a birth injury lawsuit. It largely depends on if the doctors were responsible for the injury or not. If the case shows that they were responsible for the injury, then they could be held liable in the court of law. This can help you to receive compensation for the injury of your child which can be extraordinarily expensive.

You may want to seek compensation because of how this can cost up to $1 million over the course of a child’s lifetime. The expenses can quickly add up. When you file a lawsuit for birth disorder, you’re holding those responsible as liable for their actions. Why should you have to pay for the mistake of someone else? Especially when those medical bills happened because of someone else’s careless actions. You could win compensation for lost wages, punitive damages, pain, suffering and mental anguish. An experienced attorney knows the tactics to help you prove your case.