Cerebral Palsy Cure

Where to Find a Cure

Modern medicine understands how CP links to difficulties within the brain. This is caused by brain damage occurring during the birth process. Part of the reason that there is such difficulty finding a cure comes from the fact that CP doesn’t categorize under a single group. In fact, medical researchers classify it as a group of disorders. It affects the motor center of the cerebellum.  There are four main types of this condition that include:

  • Ataxic
  • Mixed
  • Spastic
  • Dyskinetic (athetoid)

Because of the combination of factors, researchers have been unable to find a cure for this illness. Researchers have been evaluating underlying causes as well as risk factors.  Understanding the risk factors can lead to increased prevention of CP.  Unfortunately, sometimes CP is unpreventable, but oftentimes management options are available.

Multi-pronged Approach

In the search for a cerebral palsy cure, researchers have employed a multi-pronged approach in determining how to approach it. They have begun to look at different causes that trigger the harmful release of chemicals. Researchers have looked at certain events like epileptic seizures, bleeding in the brain, and problems with the circulatory and respiratory systems.

Stem Cell Treatment

Many experimental treatments have come up to treat this birth injury, but one of the more promising ones has been stem cell treatment.  Stem cell treatment has been found to improve a patient’s condition, however, it did not seem to completely cure the birth disorder.

How Can Doctors Treat This Condition?

While doctors haven’t discovered a definite cure for this condition, doctors, caregivers, and therapists have all learned how to treat it better. They have learned how to enhance the lives of the children so that it feels less like a permanent disability. Many times, you will see a team of medical professionals working with the child to come up with a program that will help the child improve function and quality of life. The chief goal is to improve the child’s intellectual, physical, and emotional condition.

Doctors determine treatment largely based on the severity of the cerebral palsy. A customized program is required for each child.