Cerebral Palsy Prognosis

Not a Degenerative Disorder

While CP can be a heartbreaking condition to get diagnosed with, it isn’t a degenerative disease. This means that it won’t get progressively worse over time. In most cases, it will remain about the same, but things like healthy eating habits and exercises can improve the strength of the limbs to make it easier for you. However, it’s unlikely that you will ever see a full recovery because of how this condition occurs, causing damage to the cerebellum. The cerebellum is the part of the brain that coordinates motor function. When the cerebellum gets damaged, it scrambles the signals between the muscles and the brain, causing decreased functioning.

Variety of Disabilities

There may be a number of disabilities with this condition. For example, it is not uncommon for children to have difficulty with feeding because of how the muscles in the mouth are not functioning properly. The severity of the condition will play a big role in the cerebral palsy prognosis that you receive. For example, children that have seizures and intellectual impairments will have a far grimmer prognosis than someone who only has a mild case. In some cases, a child may not be able to see due to how CP affects the muscles of the body.

Mobility Problems

While not all; but some children diagnosed with CP will experience mobility problems. This birth disorder has a reputation for causing some children to require assistance devices for walking, such as leg braces, cane, or even a wheelchair. The prognosis for those who can walk will differ greatly from the children who can’t walk. Those who can’t walk will have a higher likelihood of getting sick frequently, and may also experience physical and emotional problems as a result of not getting enough exercise. In addition, their immune system will sometimes be weaker, and this can lead to a lower lifespan.

No matter what the prognosis, you want your child to live as happy and as healthy of a life as possible. That means, it is essential to take measures that will improve the quality of their life. For example, you might find local community support groups helpful, where other children who have similar disabilities can connect. Humans are social creatures, and when you have a friend, it can make going through life much easier, instead of going through it alone.