Clinical Trials for Children With Birth Disorders

Clinical Trials

How Doctors Use Trials

A clinical trial goes through a minimum of three phases. This happens through strict government regulations that keep everything organized and promote safety. With cerebral palsy, for example, a doctor wants to learn what methods will be the safest and most effective for people with this condition. If your child was born with cerebral palsy, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Using this information, doctors will have a better method for diagnosing, preventing and treating this illness. In clinical trials with CP, doctors will usually test the effectiveness of a therapy method. They will look at the diagnostic device and procedure to check how effective it is. They will then use the information gleaned to better understand the effectiveness of treating people with this type of disorder.

Why Do Trials Matter for Babies?

This research matters because the information used for treating adults will differ in treating babies. You can’t use the same type of treatment with an adult as you would a child with a birth disorder. Even the research conducted on older children can’t be used for babies because babies have a higher vulnerability than any other age group. This makes the treatment for them differ from the others. To effectively treat a birth injury, they need these trials to understand how to provide children of various ages the best treatment.

Why Participate in a Trial?

There are a few reasons why it makes sense for your child to participate in one of these trials. First, it will mean that the doctors will more closely monitor the health of your child. In addition, they will be helping the overall population that suffers from CP. However, you must take some of the risks into account. These can range anywhere from dealing with a bad side effect to incurring a life-threatening condition.

Before your child can begin a trial, they will have to qualify for it. Normally, this happens through the recommendation of your doctor. Some of the qualifications for getting into a trial can include age, gender, current health, and the severity of their CP. The above requirements will help to determine their eligibility. Each trial will differ because each one sets out to learn something new about CP. Before your child can begin a trial, you will also have to sign a waiver.


When it comes to birth disorder, you have over 4,000 different kinds that could affect your child. While you might feel alone in this, the CDC reports 120,000 children are born each year in the United States with birth defects. Many different people and resources can help you with this process if your child was born with a birth injury.

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