Bath Shower Chairs

Where Can You Get a Shower Chair?

You can visit any pharmacy to get a bath or shower chair. They can cost anywhere from $20 up to $180. Let’s say that you don’t know for sure that you want the chair. Many times, Catholic charities may be willing to assist you. They might loan you the chair if you haven’t decided that you want one right away.

How a Shower Chair Benefits You

Shower chairs act as a waterproof chair that fits inside the bathtub. There is no chair designed specifically for those with cerebral palsy, but you can find some designed to fit a variety of needs. In general, you want one that will provide extra support for children who have a birth disorder like CP. While you want the chair to offer support, you also want your child to feel comfortable. In terms of support, these chairs can do just that for your child’s hips, head, legs, and trunk. Meanwhile, it would be best to look for a chair that offers enough freedom of movement to prevent the bathing process from becoming strenuous.

Having a shower chair will improve your child’s safety in the bath. The possibility of your child falling in the shower remains an ever-present danger, especially if you don’t stay constantly vigilant. Also, if your child finds movement painful, a shower chair can go a long way to reducing some of their discomforts.

Make the Process of a Shower More Comfortable

You want to lower the amount of stress your child feels while taking a shower. When you turn on the water, you want your child to relax and feel more comfortable. You don’t want this to become a challenge each time they shower. With a shower chair, you can make it easier to bathe a reluctant toddler or infant. Especially if your child has some underlying problem like a birth injury, bath shower chairs can save you from many difficulties by making the process of bathing much simpler.

When you have a child who has underlying health problems, you may find bath shower chairs a savior from the problems of bathing your child. Children who have cerebral palsy will have some stiff muscles, while others are floppy. Also, your child could display spastic behavior that can make bathing more difficult. If you can’t figure out how to afford a shower chair, you might be eligible for financial help. In some cases, the government can assist.