Mobility Aids for Children with Birth Disorders

Available Mobility Aids

Many mobility aids are available for your child, and most can be adjusted to their height. These devices improve independence and quality of life.

Some of the aids available to your child include:

  • Orthotic devices
  • Walkers
  • Crutches and canes
  • Lifts
  • Standers
  • Wheelchairs

Orthotic Devices

Worn or used externally, orthotic devices strengthen mobility and come in two varieties. These are functional and accommodative. Accommodative devices can be bought over the counter from any pharmacy. Functional devices are customized. Commonly, people who have cerebral palsy functional devices designed specifically for them.


Walkers for children can improve back posture and balance. They also help your child bear weight while on their feet. Walkers lower the risk of falling and other accidents.

Cane or Walking Stick

Considered one of the more cost effective options, a cane or walking stick can be used in cases of minor mobility problems. This works best for a milder form of CP. You can adjust the cane or walking stick so that it will fit the height of your child. Types of canes include:

  • Folding canes
  • Non-folding canes
  • Folding seat canes
  • Quad or tripod cane

It’s always best to consult a  doctor to figure out the best approach for your child. Care should be tailored to the individual, and focused on the specific needs of your child.