Assistive Technology Programs for Infants With Birth Disorders

Assistive Devices

What Can These Programs Do for People?

There are a few different things that these programs can do for people. These non-profit programs assist babies and children who have a disorder or a disability. The disabilities and the disorders range in terms of severity. Some of the most serious include brain damage, intellectual disabilities, and cerebral palsy. Currently, there are assistive technology programs available in every state in the country. If you are concerned about the cost, you may be able to seek financial help.

Some of the most common types of services offered by these technology programs include:

  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Medical services
  • Nutrition
  • Speech language pathology services

There are 56 state and territory-funded programs intended to assist children who have suffered a birth injury. The goal behind these programs is to enhance the lives of those children. Some of the products included in this are:

  • Specialized learning materials
  • Wheelchairs
  • Braces
  • Software
  • Pencil holders
  • Power lifts

Any disability that people need help with could be assisted through one of these programs.

Choosing the Right Program for Your Child

Before you begin, you should first understand the multiple programs that you can choose from. You should research this carefully to ensure that you enroll your child in the program that will prove the most effective for them. Based on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, children can get free public assistance through Free Appropriate Public Education. Any child under 21 who suffers from disabilities can qualify for this program. Typically, these programs get funded through the public school system. Meanwhile, you can also qualify for government assistance for toddlers and infants.

Public awareness campaigns have helped promote these programs. There is information available to people all across the globe, which has gone a long way in making people more aware of them. Learning about the different programs and doing your own research can help you to best decide which program will be most beneficial for your child. Through these programs, you can meet parents who are dealing with similar struggles and build a support system. This can go a long way in helping you cope.

Braces Orthotic Devices

Time passes and you notice how the growth of your child seems sluggish. This could be due to your child having a birth injury. Children who have a birth disorder may not grow as quickly, and they may need orthotic braces as a way to help them. Typically, these braces will help to give them strength and support where they need it so that they can perform everyday tasks with greater ease and have a greater level of mobility.

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Bath Shower Chairs

If your child has a birth disorder like cerebral palsy or something else, it can make simple things hard for them. Something like taking a shower can come with a plethora of challenges that you need to address. Depending on the severity of CP, your child may need equipment that can help them with taking a shower. Many times, your local association will express a willingness to help.

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Toilet Chairs

With any child, teaching them how to potty train can become a monumental milestone in their life. You will experience much of trial-and-error before you succeed with it. Unfortunately, the children who have cerebral palsy will have increased challenges that they will have to overcome. That’s because children like this may not have the dexterity or the coordination to make use out of the toilet correctly. Luckily, you can buy toilet chairs that will make it easier.

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Sadly, not all children will have the ability to walk because of a birth injury like cerebral palsy that stops their muscles from functioning normally. Helping a child to achieve their first steps has become a hugely satisfying thing about walkers. You could speak with a doctor so that he could make a recommendation based on the type of walker that you should choose.

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You have cases with cerebral palsy where your child may need to use a mobility device like wheelchairs. This makes it easier for him to move around. In addition, he can perform daily tasks, and wheelchairs have become popular because of how it enables children to do what they couldn’t have done otherwise. You have wheelchairs that can support different functions, and they come in different sizes. This will fit your individual need and lifestyle.

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Communication Boards

Unfortunately, the birth injury known as cerebral palsy leaves people with a variety of problems. It depends on the type of brain damage, but you can see a wide variety of issues like the inability to speak, a stiff leg, inability to walk and host of other problems. How can you address these problems? For those who have speech problems, they might use communication boards to make speech easier. Next, they take the lessons learned and practice therapy outside of the sessions to continue growing in speech.

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