Neonatal Therapeutic Hypothermia for Children with Birth Disorders

What Do the Experts Say?

As stated above, medical research is inconclusive. However, clinical trials look promising, and some medical experts believe that it should become a standard form of treatment.

Some experts believe that this form of treatment could lower the risk of a child suffering a severe brain injury by as much as 25 percent for term-born babies. Treatment needs to occur as soon as possible in order for it be effective.

How Do Infants Benefit?

Based on past research, people who were injured in the cold had a higher likelihood of recovering faster and with fewer long-term side effects. This led doctors to place injured newborns into a type of clinical treatment setting where they would lower the child’s body temperature. The cold has also been known to slow down the progression of injury so that doctors can more effectively treat it. They cool the baby to around 91.4 degree Fahrenheit. Typically, this treatment lasts over the course of three days.

If you are experiencing a difficult pregnancy, it may be beneficial to discuss the potential need for this type of treatment with your doctor. Not all difficult pregnancies will result in brain damage for the child, but the increased risk means necessary preparations should occur.