Aqua Therapy for Children with Birth Disorders

Treating Cerebral Palsy With Aqua Therapy

Cerebral palsy impacts muscle tone, movement and posture. This disorder isn’t genetic, but occurs as a result of brain damage suffered during birth. Aqua therapy uses water-based exercises to improve the physical function of an individual. Experts recognize this as a valuable method for treating your child and helping them move more easily.

Water is popular for providing a soothing and comfortable environment for therapeutic exercise. Water allows patients to move more freely without putting extra stress on the musculoskeletal system. Through this therapy, your child will develop better muscle control and hopefully increase their independence.

What Benefits Will Your Child See?

Hydrotherapy encourages your child to increase range of movement and relieves stress and tension that your child might feel. Water has a natural ability to reduce the pain and help the heart to pump more blood throughout the system.


When Is This Recommended?

This treatment can be used at any age for patients with movement disabilities. Most studies have shown positive results, and aqua therapy has been shown to strengthen the limbs in an almost effortless way. Insurance may not cover this treatment, and you may have to seek financial help.