Communication Boards for Children with Birth Disorders

Technology & Communication Boards

Many experts recommend that you use certain technology with communication boards to enhance their usefulness. For example, the Augmentative and Alternative Communication device produced by Dynavox can provide a more customizable and enhanced communication experience. Some of the phrases available with the Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices include:

  • It is sunny outside.
  • I am fine.
  • I want more.
  • I want it.
  • I want to go.

You can also customize your own communication board as needed. A birth disorder can present setbacks for a child, but with support and assistance, they are able to lead full lives.

Speech Therapy & Communication Boards

Make sure that you continue to work with your child’s speech therapist. Speech therapy is an essential companion to communication boards in improving your child’s communication. It’s also important to consider how easy your communication board will be for other people to understand. This clarity can help your child to continue learning phrases that they will use in schools and other public environments. In general, you want to select a board that your child will use continually. For example, you may want to consider one that incorporates conversational phrases.

Using a Communication Board

A communication board allows your child to practice using the phrases and words provided on the board. Reinforcing the learning through writing can also be beneficial. The boards may include pictures of animals, vegetables, foods and other everyday objects.

You may have to develop your own system through trial and error, as every child is different. Studies have shown that children who use these communication boards may learn languages more easily. These boards can go a long way towards helping children with disabilities strengthen their speech.