Drug Related Negligence and Birth Injuries

Negligence from Anesthesia

Whenever a doctor chooses to use anesthesia, there is always a level of risk. Granted, the anesthesiologist should know the safe doses of different anesthetics for a mother and her baby. But, there are cases in which they exceed the limit. This can cause drug-related birth disorders that can be devastating to both mother and child.

Beware of the Epidural

Your doctor should review potential drug-related birth disorders that can occur from having an epidural. Epidurals have become popular as a type of pain relief for women during delivery. Studies have shown that women who receive an epidural for pain management during delivery have an increased risk of developing a fever.  The mother’s potential risks include serious side effects from an epidural, like permanent nerve damage, low blood pressure, headaches, and chronic back pain.

How to Administer the Drug

To obtain the best results, the anesthesiologists need to dose the mother during birth accurately.  Too much, and the mother could experience serious side effects. Additionally, too high a dose can lead to a child born with complications.

Examples of an Injury

There are a few instances in which a baby can get injured due to a drug’s administration. Let’s use Oxytocin as an example. Healthcare providers commonly use this drug to help with the process of labor. It strengthens the uterine contractions while controlling the amount of bleeding immediately following delivery. In some cases, however, the nurse gives the mother-to-be a higher than necessary dose. This can be extremely dangerous. It is necessary to administer these drugs correctly, and especially to never do so too close to the birth stage of delivery.

If your child suffered an injury due to drugs administered incorrectly, you could be entitled to financial assistance. It would help if you did not have to shoulder the burden all by yourself. Your healthcare providers and staff could be held responsible for an injury to your child. Contact a professional to assist with your case and hold those people responsible. If found liable, the healthcare professionals or facility will have to pay for the injuries that resulted from incorrect administration of a drug. Mistakes happen, but this job comes with great responsibility, and it is no excuse for accidents that result in a lifetime disability for your child.

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