What if You Took It and Didn’t Know?

One of the main reasons to discuss all of your prescriptions with your doctor is because they can point out any that may have dangerous side effects for your child. Your doctor should have an encyclopedic knowledge of the different dangers and side effects of various drugs, and as such, can point any high-risk medications out. If you were already on Celexa, there are dangers to immediately stopping your use. For instance, you could have a heightened risk of a miscarriage. You have to slowly wean yourself off this medication because while a birth disorder can be bad, there are serious risks to your own health, like suicidal thoughts and worsening depression, if you stop immediately.

The Biggest Risks of Taking This Drug

There a few dangers with Celexa that could cause your child to suffer a birth injury. Women under the age of 25 have an increased risk of worsening depression, and as a result, they could develop severe depression when taking this medication. Some additional risks include diarrhea, behavioral changes, excessive sweating, and nausea. Whether you are pregnant or not, you should speak with your doctor about the use of Celexa. It might be safe and effective for some people, but for others, it could be a danger.

Risks to the Child

Unfortunately, numerous birth defects can develop in your child as a result of this medication. If this happens, you may want to seek financial help with a legal professional’s¬†assistance because the costs can add up. Not to mention, you may even be entitled to some compensation for your pain and suffering. Some of the greatest dangers of a mother taking this prescription drug include clubfoot, anencephaly, spina bifida, heart defects, and craniosynostosis. Along with these risks, recent studies have shown how some antidepressant medication could have links to Down’s syndrome, autism, and abdominal problems.

Beware of Breastfeeding on This Medication

Important to note are the dangers that exist while the child is in utero. But, you can also expose them to danger through breastfeeding. There are a few examples of documented cases in which infants suddenly became listless and lost weight after being exposed to Celexa.

Different dangers exist when you have a child. Cerebral palsy has a reputation for being one of the worst birth injuries, but there are many other things that you have to be aware of. Take the necessary precautions with your medication to try and avoid running into any future problems.