Forceps Delivery Injury

Why Do Doctors Choose to Use a Forceps?

A forceps delivery injury is not uncommon. However, when doctors have been left with no choice but to deliver the child through this method, they often feel forced to use it. Normally, when doctors use forceps, they will use the open end to deliver the child. Most doctors understand, though, that using this instrument can lead to a forceps delivery injury.

When doctors experience other problems with a child’s delivery, they may use forceps because it is their only option: It will make the delivery much easier. Essentially, forceps can become a tool of assistance.

Under What Circumstances Do Doctors Use Forceps?

When a doctor chooses to use a vacuum extractor or forceps, the most common time is when the mother can’t push the child out on her own. Under these circumstances, the doctor might choose to use a vacuum extraction tool to make things much easier. The doctor might also choose to use these instruments if the mother has been experiencing a prolonged delivery, hemorrhaging, or infection. Also, sometimes the drugs that have been administered to the mother can keep her from pushing successfully.

Doctors try to avoid the use of forceps except under the direst circumstances.

What are the Symptoms?

A few symptoms will show signs that a child has had a delivery injury due to forceps. Some of the most common symptoms include hemorrhaging, nerve damage, misshapen skull, and skull fractures.

Not Without Its Share of Risks

When the doctor chooses to use forceps, it doesn’t come without its fair share of risks. In fact, some dangers can occur to the mother as well, like anemia, bladder injuries, perineum pain, and tears and lacerations within the lower genital area.

As a parent, you have a choice whether or not your doctor uses forceps. Also, doctors are responsible for warning the mother of the risks of using forceps before employing them. Some people believe that they have no choice, but if you have any misgivings about forceps, you can choose not to have your doctor use them. In some cases, forceps can cause brain damage that leads to cerebral palsy. If your child was born with the help of forceps and experienced a birth injury, you should discuss your case with a professional. You may be eligible to file a lawsuit and get the compensation you deserve.