Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program for Children With Birth Disorders

child in wheelchair in grocery store

What is SNAP?

Previously called Food Stamps, they have since changed the name to the SNAP program. Sponsored by the USDA, this program ensures that lower-income families and children have access to food. While being disabled isn’t a qualification for it, you could still qualify if you have a lower income. Seeking financial help through programs like this can make it easier for you and your family.

Why Use SNAP?

There are a few distinct benefits that you will get from using this program. The most obvious is that it lowers your financial burden while helping you to cover the costs of food. It also ensures that your child receives essential nutrition by providing access to healthy foods and meals. Second, it helps Americans who qualify to stay out of poverty. Consider this: When all of your money goes toward food and rent, you don’t have much left. At the same time, it generates economic activity on the local level, helping local businesses to prosper. Finally, for parents who have a child with a birth disorder, it frees up their financial resources to focus on some of the other, more important aspects of raising a child with a disability.

Nutrition Matters for Children with Disorders

Let’s take the example of cerebral palsy (though you can apply this to many other disabilities). A child with this condition will need to eat specific types of healthy foods in order to avoid health complications. Unfortunately, in some cases the cost of providing a healthy diet can cost more than what a parent can afford. Children who have this condition may struggle to eat certain types of food because they have a hard time swallowing and chewing. However, they need vitamin-rich foods like fruits and green and leafy vegetables.

Before you get on the SNAP Program, be aware that each state will have differing requirements for it. Most of the time, your state will deliver an easy-to-use debit card through the mail that can help you buy food at the grocery store. Meanwhile, other states will send you coupons for specific types of foods. When you apply for SNAP, it can take up to 30 days to get benefits. If you need food fast, you should fill out the form for emergency benefits to get approved more quickly.