Intrauterine Growth Restriction and Birth Injuries

What Causes This Condition?

There are several causes for intrauterine growth restriction. For example, a placental abnormality may mean that the child can not get the proper amount of nutrients and oxygen. Preeclampsia is another danger that can lead to a growth restriction. Especially during the third trimester, pregnant mothers have a heightened risk of experiencing this condition. Malnutrition is another cause of intrauterine growth restriction, and this can develop if the mother does not maintain a healthy diet while pregnant.

Beware of Prescription Meds

Before you take any meds during your pregnancy, you should understand some of the dangers that could come with doing so. For example, Depakote, a prescription medicine for seizures and bipolar disorder, has been linked to an increased risk of developing IUGR in children. However, you should avoid taking Depakote during pregnancy because it can lead to a plethora of problems. Some of the dangers associated with this prescription medication include:

  • Spina Bifida
  • Stillborn
  • Neural Tube Malformation
  • Hydranencephaly

When pregnant, you must exercise extreme caution with the types of meds that you take. Be sure to consult your healthcare provider before you begin taking any new medications, even herbal supplements.  Your healthcare provider can advise you of what is safe to take during pregnancy and what is not.

Severe Complications During Labor

Infants that have received an IUGR diagnosis have a much higher risk of complications during delivery. However, figuring out the exact complications can be tricky because it depends on the underlying reason that the infant developed IUGR in the first place. One of the greatest risks is a stillborn birth, which refers to when a baby is not alive at the time of delivery. The risk of this is even higher if the child was underweight, to begin with.  Often IUGR infants are born via C-section because they can experience difficulties with vaginal delivery.

Your child also has a risk of developing cerebral palsy as a result of IUGR. A serious health condition, this birth disorder can lead to a lifetime of disability. Additionally, parents commonly have a difficult time financially supporting a child with cerebral palsy. Financial stress can put a great strain on the family. If your child suffers from this birth disorder, you should speak with a legal professional to help you seek financial help and ensure that you will get the best results from this assistance. Unfortunately, medical researchers have not yet identified a definitive way to prevent cerebral palsy from happening or treating the condition.

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