Preterm Labor Birth and Birth Injuries

Why This Matters

This matters because if you have a child prematurely, some of their organs may not be fully developed. This can endanger the life of your child. There are a host of complications that can happen as a result of preterm labor and birth. Many times, you can prevent this from happening by receiving the right level of medical care.

What are the Risks?

Many consequences could come from this type of birth, but the worst of them is death. Doctors will do whatever they can to keep the infant in the womb as close to the scheduled birth date as possible. The risk of giving birth early could mean intellectual disabilities, hearing loss, jaundice, difficulties breathing, developmental delays, emotional and behavioral problems, anemia, and cerebral palsy. Several risks could arise as a result of this.

What Increases the Likelihood?

A few factors could increase the chances that a mother experiences preterm labor and birth. For example, if she has a fever of 101 degrees Fahrenheit, she could be at risk. Another danger is high blood pressure or diabetes, which can lead to other health complications during pregnancy and preeclampsia. Little or no prenatal care can also lead to premature birth. The mother should have regular checkups as a way of taking preventative measures when the need arises.

Symptoms of a Premature Birth

Being aware of these symptoms could help you identify if you are about to experience preterm labor or birth. Most women will know if this is happening if the contractions begin at 37 weeks. As time draws nearer, contractions will get worse, and the pain will grow. Along with this obvious symptom, there are some others to be aware of. For example, you might experience pelvic pressure, dull or constant pain in your lower back, and you could also experience abdominal cramps. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you should get in to see your doctor as soon as possible. They can tell you what is going on.

You should also understand that just because you have a preterm birth doesn’t necessarily mean that your child will experience a birth defect, but it can put your child at a higher risk. You need to take care of your unborn child and get as much bed rest as possible during pregnancy to ensure that you and your baby will be fine. If you did experience preterm delivery and your child has a birth injury, it could be due to medical negligence. You could be eligible for filing a lawsuit and getting the compensation you deserve.