Nurse Mistakes and Birth Injuries

What if a Machine Malfunctions?

Medical machine malfunctions are rare but possible causes of birth injury. Will the nurse be held liable for the injury to your child? Whether a machine operates manually or automatically, a nurse still has a responsibility to ensure that the patient receives the correct drug’s correct dosage at the correct time. If a machine malfunction causes a birth disorder for your child, the hospital could be held financially liable for the injury.

Administering Incorrect Drugs or Dosages

In some cases, birth injuries are caused by incorrect dosages or incorrect drugs being administered to a newborn. While this can be an honest mistake, overworked nurses are vulnerable to making them. For example, incorrect doses of Oxytocin or Pitocin can be extremely harmful to a child. Furthermore, Pitocin is not FDA approved, yet is still occasionally used on newborns, potentially leading to dire health consequences.

Epidural Injuries: What Now?

Epidurals have become the most common type of anesthetic used during childbirth. While it greatly reduces pain, epidurals can lead to a minor injury in both the child and the mother in rare cases.

In most cases, a person giving birth will have to sign a waiver before receiving an epidural. The waiver protects the hospital from liability if the epidural causes injury. However, if a person is not warned of the risks of epidurals and did not sign a waiver, the hospital may be held financially responsible.



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