Lack of Muscle Control In Infants- Birth Disorder Symptom

Writhing Movement

If your child loses control over their muscles, this can look like a type of writhing movement. You can not necessarily define the movements under a single category, but you might say that they are slow and calculated. Unfortunately, writhing could be a symptom that your child has cerebral palsy. Normally, this injury will manifest itself if your child suffers an injury in the brain. Contrary to popular belief, cerebral palsy isn’t classified as a muscle disorder. In fact, this birth injury happens as a result of brain damage. This causes a neurological disorder within the brain where the muscles can’t communicate properly.

Overexaggerated Reflexes

Let’s say that your child exhibits overexaggerated reflexes. Often, this can be a sign that your child has a neurological disorder as a result of no oxygen within the brain. A child who experiences a more mild version of this might only display slight muscle rigidity. He or she may also have exaggerated reflexes as a result of a neurological condition.

If your child experiences a severe form of exaggerated reflexes, it may be a seizure.  In some cases, exaggerated reflexes can be the result of another condition known as hyperekplexia. Doctors diagnose this condition by checking to see if your child startles easily or has an increased muscle tone. Some other characteristics of this condition may include difficulty breathing, exaggerated movements, abnormal arching of the head, and jerking movements.

Uncontrolled Blinking

Cerebral palsy causes abnormal brain impulses, and as a result, a child can experience uncontrollable blinking.   Sometimes the  child cannot control the mucsles of the mouth and end up excessively drooling.  Aside from CP, there are other conditions that this may indicate, such as Bell’s Palsy, Myokymia, and Habit Spasms.

If your child was diagnosed with dystonia disorder rather than CP, he or she may have more severe instances of uncontrolled blinking.

Understanding these issues around muscle control helps determine how to best proceed if your child suffers from the same symptoms.  Lack of muscle control can lead to a baby with poor coordination. There are different birth disorders that this can be a symptom of, and it is important to contact your child’s doctor as soon as possible, because he or she can help you to determine how to best proceed. These conditions can arise for a variety of reasons, but with infants, they often come as a result of birth injury. If your child suffers from a birth injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Discuss your options for filing a lawsuit today.