Zoloft and Birth Injuries

Risks to the Child

As a mother, you have a responsibility to your child to give them the best chance at a healthy future. That means that you want to avoid doing anything that may cause them harm. Certain medications, however, can cause cerebral palsy, a medical condition that can cost over $1 million in healthcare over the course of a child’s lifetime. If something like this happens, you will most likely need to seek financial help through the government or grants and funds set up for this purpose.

Some of the risks posed to your child by taking Zoloft include respiratory problems, club feet, autism, spina bifida, heart problems, and craniosynostosis. Also, there are other risks to the infant if exposed to this drug while in utero. For example, the child may have poor feeding habits, restlessness, agitation, and insomnia. For any newborn parents out there, you know that if the child doesn’t sleep, neither does mom or dad.

Risks to the Mother

Along with risks to the infant, there are also some dangers posed to the mother when taking Zoloft. Mothers who take this medication have an increased risk of developing health problems. In some cases, however, a doctor will leave a mother on this medication because depression can wreak havoc on both mother and child’s health. A mother who suddenly stops taking this medication could find themselves with health complications like preeclampsia, miscarriage, and premature birth.

Be Careful of Breastfeeding

Let’s say that you plan to breastfeed your child. If so, you could be better off not taking Zoloft because it can have consequences. Either stop taking this medication or provide your child with baby formula. While you do have some doctors who don’t believe there is a danger in breastfeeding on this medication, research has found traces of it in the mother’s breast milk. Since this medication can cause birth defects, you should exercise caution before deciding to breastfeed.

Over the last few years, research suggests that taking antidepressants as a pregnant mother can have adverse consequences. The doctor has a duty to warn you about these dangers and the potential side effects. Working in the healthcare industry comes with great responsibility. There are cases where a doctor didn’t give proper warning to their pregnant patient, and their child suffered. In these cases, you could be entitled to compensation. You could also hold the company responsible for making the drug, Pfizer, liable for the birth injury. If your child suffered a birth injury and you took Zoloft, discuss your case with a legal professional that may be able to help get you the compensation you deserve.