Why Babies Suffer Birth Injuries

Using a Midwife: Will It Prevent Medical Malpractice?

In some cases, parents elect to have a midwife deliver their child to prevent a birth disorder. However, that doesn’t guarantee that you will prevent it. In fact, the advantage of being in a hospital is that if anything goes wrong, there are licensed and experienced practitioners that can help your child. In the home setting, the midwife can only dial 911 and hope that EMS gets there in time. Anyone can make mistakes that can lead to an injury, but you can generally get a faster response time if something goes wrong in the hospital setting.

Why Do Infants Suffers Injuries?

There are several reasons why infants might suffer an injury. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Slow response time
  • Overworked and overtired medical staff
  • Medical negligence
  • The wrong medical treatment administered

There are various reasons why a child might suffer an injury, but you could be entitled to financial help if it happened as a result of medical negligence. This is especially true if your child developed cerebral palsy. You will need access to financial support to help pay the bills that inevitably pile up with this condition.

Dealing with the Damage

A birth injury can lead to both internal and external damage. Some of the common symptoms that a child suffers from an injury include vomiting, spastic movements, inability to suck, and arched back while crying. There are, however, cases where an injury may go undiagnosed entirely because the symptoms are so subtle. This can be even more dangerous because it can easily never get treated, or it gets treated too late, and the damage becomes permanent.

How do birth injuries happen? There are various reasons for why, but no matter the reason, they can lead to severe impairments. That’s why you have to choose a reputable hospital with good medical staff to help treat your child. Dozens of factors could come into play when it comes to how these injuries arise. After giving birth to your child, the time should be that of celebration, but an injury can leave a bittersweet taste in your mouth. On the one hand, you’re glad that you have brought a child into the world, but on the other, you’re sad that they experienced an injury that could potentially last a lifetime.