Horner’s Syndrome

Horner’s Syndrome

The Symptoms of This Disease

There are a few symptoms of Horner’s to be aware of. Typically, when it happens, only one side of the face will be affected. There are some cases where an infant will experience all of the symptoms, but there are other cases with only two or three symptoms. It’s like cerebral palsy in that this injury can vary wildly in how much of an impact it will have on a child.

Some of the most common symptoms that your child might have with this disorder include:

  • Different pupil sizes
  • Miosis in the affected eye
  • The affected eye appears bloodshot
  • Little to no sweating on the face
  • The iris of each eye could be a different color
  • Flushed face and redness in the face

These symptoms can vary from one infant to the next, and while one child might have a more severe form of it, other children may have a more mild case.

How Do Doctors Choose to Treat It?

Normally, when a doctor diagnoses a child with this condition, they will perform a pupil dilation test. Usually, this is done to see how the child will respond to the stimulation. After the doctor performs a pupil dilation test, they might perform an MRI to learn if they have a birth disorder. The doctor will also check for other signs of a birth injury. This can help them to determine if something may have led to the condition.

Unfortunately, doctors haven’t determined an exact cause of Horner’s syndrome. A lot of it will depend on the location of the lesion. Typically, doctors will look for the reason that the disorder may have developed.

You might be wondering if this condition will go away after they have treated it. Largely, this depends on the cause of the syndrome. You can get rid of the signs and symptoms after you have treated the cause in many cases. But, there are some cases where it will be more serious. Let’s say that your child has a drooping eyelid. In some cases, they could benefit well from occupational therapy because it will strengthen the affected eye muscles. If you believe that your child has this condition, you should speak to a doctor as soon as possible. Additionally, if Horner’s syndrome was caused due to medical negligence, you may be entitled to financial support and should discuss your options if so.


Someone who has Horner’s syndrome will experience an impact on their nerves running from the brain to the eyes. As a result, it can lead to some debilitating conditions that you need to be aware of. For example, with an infant or even an adult, it will cause the eye to droop. In most cases, this condition will only have an impact on one side of the face, but you do have cases where it will negatively impact both sides. Many times, doctors will look for another birth injury that may have led to this one arising as a result.

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