Umbilical Cord Compression and Birth Injuries

What Symptoms to Be Aware Of

You should be aware of a couple of symptoms when it comes to umbilical cord compression. One of the most identifiable signs is that your child’s heart rate will suddenly change. You will see their heart rate decelerate at an alarming pace. This is one of the reasons that fetal monitoring is so important. Typically, when this happens, you will see the heart rate decrease below 100 beats per minute, which tells you that something is wrong with your child. If the doctor fails to respond quickly enough, it can lead to a birth injury that can be dangerous.

Along with this, the mother herself may feel a difference in the umbilical cord after an umbilical cord compression has occurred. For example, their baby may not move as frequently. The mother may even feel the cord drop into her birth canal as the amniotic sac ruptures.

Key Dangers to Understand

Awareness of a key few dangers can help to prevent a birth disorder. This condition can lead to serious health disorders. In a scenario where the umbilical cord has become flattened, the child won’t receive the necessary oxygen and nutrients. This can result in brain damage, and at its worst, it can even result in death. Luckily, doctors can detect this condition rather easily, which becomes essential for getting a quick response. Some of the biggest dangers associated with a flattened umbilical cord include:

How Do They Treat It?

In a case with minor compression, the doctor might administer more oxygen for the child. They do this via an IV to the mother. The doctor hopes that this will send more nutrients and oxygen to the child. There are more severe cases in which the doctor may have to perform an emergency C-section. Many cases result in moving the umbilical cord away from the birth canal before it becomes compressed.

Generally, the prognosis for this condition is good. However, this depends on how quickly the health care provider responds. There are cases where they don’t respond quickly enough, leading to conditions like cerebral palsy. If that happens, you should seek financial help because this condition can cost you a fair amount. Along with cerebral palsy, your child could end up with behavioral disorders, autism, or even fetal death. You have to respond as soon as you notice something has gone wrong.