Infant Favoring One Side of Body Birth Disorder Symptom

Erb’s Palsy: Everything That You Need to Know

Erb’s palsy is caused when a medical professional lifts a child from the arms instead of the correct way. This pulls on the nerves in their neck, and can cause a birth injury as a result. You could be entitled to compensation if this has happened to your child.

Your infant favoring one side of their body could come as a result of a muscular injury. The brachial plexus nerves that you can find in the neck, collarbone, and shoulders can get damaged. Children who weigh more than others are especially at risk for this condition. This can occur if when the baby gets delivered via the birth canal, they don’t have enough room to move around safely. That leads to excess pressure on the nerves within the body, and thus to damage. In some cases, as the child tries to exit the birth canal, their shoulder gets stuck on the mother’s pubic bone. This is what leads to Erb’s palsy. In some cases, nerves break, sever, or get damaged during the process of delivery.

Your baby favoring one side of their body could indicate that excess damage to the nerves has taken place. To treat this condition, doctors will typically recommend physical therapy. But, they also may recommend hydrotherapy or occupational therapy.

Cerebral Palsy: What Happens?

Cerebral palsy is an expensive birth disorder, and you’ll most likely have to pay for the medical costs of this condition for the rest of your child’s life. While many people think of CP as a muscular disorder, it is, in fact, a neurological disorder. When the brain doesn’t work right, it fails to send signals to the muscles, and this is what causes CP. This form of brain damage still hasn’t been fully understood by medical research, but doctors continue to look for ways of treating it.

CP could also develop between your toddler’s first and second birthday. It’s natural that they might favor their left hand or right leg. But, if they seem to avoid using the other arm or leg, it could indicate underlying issues that you should address immediately. You should speak with your doctor as soon as possible because early diagnosis can reverse some of the negative effects of cerebral palsy. Keep in mind, again, that milder cases of this condition typically won’t appear until the first or second year of your child’s birthday.