Life for a Child with a Birth Injury


Getting the Necessary Care Equipment

Let’s say that your child has a birth disorder where they can’t walk. You will need to get a wheelchair, leg braces, or crutches to help them walk. Children in a wheelchair may also need additional assistance, like cushions or a neck pillow to help them. Before you begin gathering these items, you should ask your doctor or your child’s physical therapist about the type of accessories that they will need for living their best life.

Life in the Home

One of the most common symptoms of a birth disorder is that your child’s gross motor skills and fine motor skills will suffer. How do you approach this issue? You can rearrange things in the home to make things a little easier for your child. This, however, will also depend on the disability. You may have to get certain equipment in the home that will help your child live a more comfortable life. For example, they may need toilet chairs or bath chairs to make things more accessible.

On the lower end of the spectrum of severity, your child could have a learning disability. In some cases, this may not require much outside equipment. But, they may not go through the same developmental stages as children unaffected by a learning disability. It depends on the circumstances. In some cases, you may have to install a gate near entrances and stairways to keep your child safe from an injury. This could mean babyproofing the home for an extended period. In some cases where your child’s birth injury is causing you to bear a significant financial burden, you can seek financial help.

Getting an Education

Even some of the mildest forms of an injury may require special education.  This may not be the case with every child because some children will recover better than others. However, there are cases where the child might have a cognitive disorder, social problem, or behavioral issue. When your child begins school, teachers should be informed of your child’s disability so that they can tailor the educational program toward your child.

Unfortunately, life for kids with birth disorders can be tough in many circumstances. Children with disabilities have a higher likelihood of being bullied and discriminated against, and you hope that teachers will do their part in preventing this. There have been cases where teachers were the culprits behind the bullying—it’s not common, but it does happen. To keep your children active socially, you should expose them to as many children as possible. If you have a kids’ club in the area, you may want to consider bringing them there as well.

Educational resources

Children who have a birth injury sometimes suffer from disabilities that can make their life harder. They may struggle in school with academics, and they may struggle socially because they don’t fit in with the other kids. Schools for kids with birth disorders will typically cost a little more, but you have to look at the cost of your child’s future. How successful do you want them to be in the future?

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Perhaps you have decided that you would prefer to homeschool your children because they have a birth disorder, and you feel like they might do better in the more personalized setting. Many experts have agreed that this setting allows for the greatest comfort, and as long as you have strong parental support and a nurturing atmosphere at home, it can have a positive impact. If you do decide on homeschooling kids with birth disorders, you should understand some of what will be needed to make it successful.

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Respite care

Parenting can make you feel exhausted. While you love and care for your child more than anyone else in the world, you have to persevere and make sacrifices. At the same time, it sometimes comes as a thankless job, but you don’t need praise for the job that you perform. Still, everyone needs breaks to stay in good shape, and you can do this through what is known as respite care.

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Whether your child gets diagnosed with a debilitating birth injury like cerebral palsy or something else, these types of injuries happen as a result of medical malpractice. You have a number of programs available for you that can help after this has happened. The Disabilities Education Act can help you through acquiring education benefits and other things. Some children could have entitlement to a lifetime of social security. Along with that, you could also apply to the SNAP Program.

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